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Fritz Wohlenberg Gmbh in Hanover belongs to the special suppliers of technical rubber products of all kinds. Since 1860 our long-established company has produced a large variety of different products in small- and mid-sized production runs. The Fritz Wohlenberg Gmbh workforce is composed of a number of long-term employees, many with more than 25 years of employment at Fritz Wohlenberg.

Our highly committed workforce team forms the basis for our success. Throughout the years customer satisfaction with our products is and remains our highest priority. To meet our customer demand for top-quality products we encourage continued training for our employees and work to provide a dynamic and professional work place.


Our company was founded in 1860 by Fritz Wohlenberg. Since the beginning we have concentrated on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods while prioritizing the implementation of modern business methods. From this combination of key factors we have successfully designed and manufactured high-quality rubber products which have found use in many sectors of industry.

We would be pleased to talk with you about the advantages and possibilities that Fritz Wohlenberg GmbH rubber products offer you. Feel free to call or email us at any time with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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